E.ON’s Success with SentiSquare: Unlocking Customer Insights from Vast Feedback Data

“With SentiSquare AI, we better understand customer pain points and focus our initiatives where they are most needed.”

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“With SentiSquare AI, we better understand customer pain points and focus our initiatives where they are most needed.”

Jana Hrabětová
Company Development @ E.ON


E.ON, an energy provider, faced a significant challenge in managing and analyzing a large volume of customer feedback received from various touchpoints and third-party services. With over 12,000 open feedback pieces each month and subtle differences between topics, classifying and understanding customer sentiments became a daunting task. To tackle this issue, E.ON deployed SentiSquare AI, an advanced artificial intelligence solution that brought together all feedback sources and provided automatic recognition of topics and sentiments.

E.ON received an overwhelming amount of feedback from customers across multiple channels and interactions with third-party contractors. Manually sifting through and classifying the feedback to gain valuable insights was a time-consuming and challenging process. Subtle nuances in customer feedback made it difficult to accurately categorize topics and determine customer sentiments.


In response to these challenges, E.ON decided to leverage SentiSquare AI, an innovative AI-powered platform designed to handle natural language processing and sentiment analysis. The implementation involved integrating all feedback sources into the SentiSquare system to create a comprehensive 360° view of customer sentiments and topics. The AI model was trained to recognize and categorize feedback across different touchpoints and regions, including interactions with third-party contractors.

  • Comprehensive Feedback Aggregation: SentiSquare AI seamlessly aggregated feedback from various sources, consolidating customer sentiments and interactions with third-party contractors. This holistic approach provided E.ON with a complete picture of customer perceptions.
  • Automatic Topic and Sentiment Recognition: The AI system employed state-of-the-art natural language processing algorithms to automatically identify and categorize customer feedback based on topics and sentiments. It efficiently analyzed the subtle differences between feedback pieces, streamlining the classification process.
  • Actionable Insights: With SentiSquare AI’s precise topic and sentiment recognition, E.ON gained valuable insights into what drove the Net Promoter Score (NPS) at each touchpoint, regional level, and even specific interactions with third-party contractors. This granular understanding allowed E.ON to make data-driven decisions to enhance customer experience and loyalty.

Collaboration results

The deployment of SentiSquare AI provided E.ON with transformative results:

  • Enhanced Customer Understanding: E.ON now possesses a comprehensive view of customer sentiments and preferences, allowing them to identify pain points, areas of improvement, and potential opportunities for enhancing services.
  • Targeted Improvement Strategies: By knowing the drivers of NPS at each touchpoint and region, E.ON can implement targeted improvement strategies tailored to specific customer needs and preferences, thus maximizing customer satisfaction.
  • Time and Resource Savings: The automation of feedback analysis significantly reduced the time and resources previously spent on manual work, enabling E.ON’s teams to focus on taking action and addressing customer concerns proactively.

Through the deployment of SentiSquare AI, E.ON successfully addressed the challenges posed by a vast amount of customer feedback from various sources. The AI-powered platform provided a 360° view of customer sentiments and topics, allowing E.ON to gain actionable insights and improve customer experience at all levels. With SentiSquare, E.ON is now better equipped to deliver exceptional service and drive customer satisfaction, securing its position as a customer-centric leader in the energy industry.

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