Get the job done
with our modern No-Code NLP platform

Unlock the potential of advanced technology for seamless text processing

Why our solution is the best

Rule-based solution
Bespoke NLP
No-Code NLP platform
All-in-one solution
  • implementation, import, creation, support (complete life cycle)
  • easy data visualisation that meets the client's needs
  • no need for cloud solutions; the product is implemented within the customer's infrastructure
Technology utilisation
  • context – understanding the overall context of messages (i.e. the “human language”)
  • language – no language restrictions
  • 360° view – all available channels (social media, call transcripts, emails, comments, chat)
No-Code interface
  • no need for AI/IT experts to obtain all the necessary data from target customers



The SentiSquare No-Code NLP platform is ready for multi-tenant deployment. One installation can support multiple clients. You don't have to worry about data security because each client operates within their own dedicated data sandbox.


Our algorithms do not depend on the language. They work efficiently on different language families including languages with rich morphology.


Our security system follows the principle of explicit security. Each standard user requires explicit permissions for every object, ensuring complete control over access. Manage your permissions like a pro.

Text processing with automation

Do you have a large volume of texts to process? Embrace automation to save time and effort in your contact center operations. Our automated solution works tirelessly, 24/7, delivering consistent results without fluctuations or breaks.

System statistics

Detailed statistics provide a comprehensive overview of system usage. Monitor the usage of classifiers and track how often they have been called. Stay informed about the performance of your system.

Audit log

All activities within the system are logged, providing a transparent record of actions. Review and track every action performed in the system, ensuring accountability and traceability.

Uncover valuable insights
from texts

Text data hold immense potential for valuable information. In both analytics and automation, understanding the texts' content is crucial. Extract valuable insights from customer data and uncover hidden information.

How can it help me?

Data analyst

Our No-Code NLP platform empowers you to extract valuable insights from vast amounts of text data. Gain a deeper understanding of customer sentiments, identify emerging trends, and uncover hidden patterns. Streamline your data analysis process and make informed decisions with ease.

Marketing Manager

Our No-Code NLP platform provides you with powerful tools to enhance your marketing strategies. Analyse customer feedback, create sentiment analyses, and check social media data to gain valuable insights into customer preferences and opinions. Maximise campaign effectiveness and create personalised experiences for your audience.

Integration partner

Our No-Code NLP platform offers you the opportunity to expand your business offerings. Seamlessly integrate our advanced NLP capabilities into your existing systems and provide your clients with powerful text analysis solutions. Stand out in the market with innovative and cutting-edge technologies.

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