Your contact centre can do more with the same resources. Just let the AI work while your agents actually take care of customers.

Then it's time to invite robots to do the work.



How many emails do you get that you don't need to answer? More than you think.

Every unnecessary e-mail keeps your agents from doing what actually matters. Let the SentiSquare AI filter your emails.  It will read them, understand them, and close the ones that don't need to be answered.

  • Faster communication and less work for people
  • Automatic detection for emails that don't need to be answered (i.e. spam, out-of-office emails, emails without any important information, etc.)
  • Real-time filtering
  • Front office operators spend less time on routine tasks and can focus more on client care


Automatic email replying using a reply template is an ideal task for artificial intelligence.

Your communication volume can increase by dozens of percentage points, but you don't have to increase the capacity of your contact centre.

  • Detection for requests that can be answered automatically
  • Automatic selection of reply templates
  • Automatic answering and preparing of emails to be confirmed and sent by an agent
  • Faster replies


Reading an email and correctly forwarding it to the colleague who will resolve it is an ideal task for AI.

Let the SentiSquare AI read emails 24/7 and without fluctuation.

  • Email forwarding to specialised agents
  • Dispatching in real time
  • Faster response to customers

Communication classification

Who likes categorising text data? No one at all.

Except for the SentiSquare AI, which has been trained to do exactly that.

  • Useful for sentiment analysis, email classification, business-related labeling, churn detection, topic and urgency classification, spam detection, etc.
  • No human labour is needed to classify communication
  • High-quality classification is essential for automation and optimisation

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