SentiSquare No-Code NLP platform

Transform text data into useful business information

Our No-Code NLP technology understands unstructured data in multiple languages.
No coding or NLP experience necessary.

The comprehensive
solution that
covers all your text processing needs
in one place.

Why choose
No-Code NLP platform?

Semi-supervised machine learning

Our advanced technique leverages language-independent meaning representation and fine-tuning capabilities on customer-specific data. Exceptional accuracy rivals human-level accuracy.

Language independent

Unlock the power of multilingual comprehension with our No-Code NLP platform. Whether your data are in English, Spanish, or any other language, our platform can process and analyse them effectively.

Easy-to-use for business users

Our No-Code platform is specifically designed for business users without the need for IT or NLP/AI expertise.

Built-in functionalities

Built-in functionalities for exception handling and combining your own models into powerful, complex systems that maximise your effectiveness.

Unlock the true meaning
of text

Text data hold almost unlimited possibilities regarding valuable information, and that's true for customers' emails, surveys, and calls. Our No-Code NLP platform helps you uncover the content's true meaning. Discover the hidden insights that drive informed decision-making.

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Transform your text data
with the SentiSquare No-Code NLP platform

Harness the full potential of your text data with our No-Code NLP platform. Effortlessly process various forms of text, including emails, voice transcripts, feedback, and chat history. Empower your business with advanced analytics and automation to reveal valuable insights and optimise your operations.

Automation for efficiency

Effortlessly process large text volumes with our automated No-Code NLP platform for consistent, uninterrupted, and accurate results.

Maximise automated processing

Deeper insights with text analytics

Uncover hidden gems in your text data for deeper customer insights and business growth with our advanced analytics.

Dive into text analytics

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by loyal customers

From small businesses to large enterprises, our customers trust us for our innovative
No-Code NLP platform and exceptional services.

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