SentiSquare analytics is the perfect tool to improve the performance and quality of your contact centre.

You'll be surprised by the connections that AI can find in your data.

Our AI will shine a light on valuable information about customer churn, fraud, and emerging or hidden trends.

General principles

Focus on the customer

  • Why are they calling?
  • What's their tone?
  • The Sentiment (Are they satisfied or not)?
  • What products do they mention?
  • Customer journey
  • Why did they reject the operator’s offer?
  • Do they want to leave?

Focus on the operator

  • Do they follow the call script?
  • Does the customer understand what they are saying?
  • Why did they refuse the operator’s offer?
  • Do they attempt to cross-sell?
  • Do they waste time?
  • Do they have a negative impact on customers?

The AI turns a bunch of unorganised text data into actionable information. You simply provide the machine with the data, and it does the rest.

Discovery mode

First, we use the so-called "Discovery Mode". We let the machine discover topics in the text.
This is useful for situations where new topics arise and you aren't aware of them yet. The machine will also find hidden insights that are hard for humans to discover. Your new Sherlock Holmes is reporting for duty!

Observing mode

You'll find the so-called "Observing Mode" useful in the next step. The machine carefully and accurately tracks trends in the topics of your texts over time.

The result

The result is a structured output, a clear analysis of the texts you now know everything about. The machine detects topics, keywords, categories, and sentiment.

And your people don't have to read a single text.

Analytics benefits
for every department

Email analytics

Ticket/email analytics

Did you know there's plenty of valuable customer feedback hidden in your regular operational communication, i.e. in emails, chat, tickets, and help-desk communication?

Let us help you discover what your customers are telling you.

  • Discover valuable feedback on your services and products hidden in daily operational communication
  • Ensure your contact centre team is efficient and polite during e-mail communication
  • Ensure your team follows the rules and regulations
  • Get a comprehensive view of the entire communication
Call analytics

Call analytics

Obtaining call centre analytics was once unimaginable.

Using manpower, it was possible to review an average of 1% of calls in a call center. This meant that no one had a solid overview of what was going on in their call centre. Choose the opposite: 100% of calls are handled where you know the topic, category, keywords, and sentiment.

And you can go much further – the machine detects customers who want to leave your business or calls where there was a mistake.

  • Discover valuable feedback on your services and products hidden in routine calls
  • Ensure your telesales team is adequately efficient
  • Find out why they reached out
  • You will discover where to improve your processes and call scripts
  • Ensure your team follows the rules and regulations
Chat analytics

Chat analytics

Get immediate analytics on chat conversations. The AI detects topics and reasons for contact.

The customer department managers get a perfect overview of your chat agents’ work and the evolution of customer requests. The AI detects the types of queries and complaints including their intensity (escalation).

  • Ensure your agents address customer concerns professionally and effectively
  • Discover where you can improve and how your chatbot can work better
  • Check whether your agents are able to convert negative emotions into successfully solved problems
  • Have a comprehensive view of the entire communication
  • Ensure your team follows the rules and regulations
Survey analytics

Survey analytics

Customer first? Then you surely have piles of text data with feedback from your customers.

Manual processing is unsustainable and imperfect.

The AI will determine your customers' mood, concerns, complaints, and recommendations for improvement.

  • Monitor feedback over time, topics, customer segments
  • Understand what customers think about your products and services
  • Identify promoters and detractors. Learn from promoters. Convert passives and detractors.
  • Discover what to improve

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