Enjoy our technology
without writing
a single line of code

Our solution is optimised
to easily create NLP models
and get insights

On-premise or cloud

Don't worry about data security. The SentiSquare No-Code NLP platform can be installed either in your cloud or on-premise.

Simple installation

Our platform is available in docker containers. Just download and deploy, no platform-dependent configuration is needed.


No additional third-party apps are needed, and no internet access is required. Our platform contains everything necessary to develop and deploy NLP services.

Synchronous  API calls

Our APIs are synchronous. No waiting queue till your request will be executed. All tasks can be performed in real time.

We have API for everything

Every NLP classifier you build automatically gets its own API. Each API endpoint is generated using OpenAPI standards and has its own swagger documentation.

No special HW needed

Our platform can be hosted on standard servers without expensive GPUs. The platform is optimised in terms of RAM and CPUs.

We manage
the complete life cycle

A No-Code NLP must support a complete life cycle of NLP services, everything from data preparation to NLP operation in long-term production.

Managing data

Machines need data to teach their models. Therefore, it's essential to manage data, and the SentiSquare No-Code NLP provides all the necessary tools to import and export your data as well as to clean and adjust them.
No external tools necessary.

Analysing data

Have a look at what you've got. Gain insights and visualise your data. Create dashboards with full-text searches and semantic search capabilities built-in.

Data annotation

Annotation is necessary to prepare your data for teaching AI models.
Prepare your data for machine learning with ease. Create annotation scenarios that anyone in your company can easily use to annotate your data.


Creating a classifier is as easy as filling in a simple form.
Just tell the platform which data to use for training and you are ready to go.
All the complex parts, such as the parametrisation of the AI algorithms, are done automatically by the system.

Like what you got?

Deploy your classification services with ease.
Simply select “deploy to production”, and you are ready to go. The No-Code NLP will provide you with a production-ready URL of a standard REST service that is easy to integrate with any modern application. In addition, detailed API documentation is created.

Your technical people will love it.


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