SentiSquare and atlantis telecom partnership

We are pleased to announce our partnership between SentiSquare and atlantis telecom.

Artificial intelligence in your call centre: SentiSquare and atlantis telecom (FrontStage Technologies) partnership

Atlantis telecom has been in business for 30 years as a Value Added Distributor specialising in voice and data communications. The atlantis group includes a division developing the “FrontStage Omni-channel Customer Experience” software platform for analysis, planning, and traffic management in professional contact centres.

SentiSquare, a Pilsen-based software company, is known for its cutting-edge NLP technology, which it uses to analyse and automate customer communications in large companies’ contact centres. The SentiSquare NLP is already benefiting companies such as, E.ON, Srovnejto, FTMO,Vodafone,, and others.

As part of the partnership, SentiSquare will provide a No-Code NLP platform that the partner can offer to its customers, complementing its existing product portfolio with highly specialised analytics and communications automation. Included in the partnership, both companies will deliver cutting-edge NLP-based software to their customers. The No-Code NLP platform will enable companies to mine and leverage the valuable information found in customer communications to improve the overall customer experience.


“We are joining forces to innovate, grow, and provide cutting-edge NLP technology to new clients. We look forward to our work together and having many happy clients!” says Peter Kesch, Head of Business Development and Partner Manager at SentiSquare.
“The complexity of the customer care environment is absolutely huge. Collaborating with innovative companies helps us dramatically in covering a wide range of our clients’ requirements. We believe that the collaboration will be mutually innovative,” added Jan Petrů, Senior Business Consultant at atlantis telecom.

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