Conference "No-Code NLP" at

16. 3. 2023 we had the privilege to speak at an internal employee conference and present in detail our new No-Code NLP platform for analyzing and automating customer communications.

The presentation was a continuation of a series of internal conferences on artificial intelligence. At SentiSquare, we specialize in analyzing and automating communication using NLP (Natural Language Processing).

At, our No-Code NLP already processes both emails and calls. During the presentation, CEO at SentiSquare Tomáš Brychcín presented the secret ingredient of SentiSquare’s success: Distribution Semantics. This technology allows us to dig deeper into text communication and really understand its content.

We showed many of the challenges we face when analyzing texts, such as typos, inflection, noise, and slang. SentiSquare is ready to overcome these obstacles and offer accurate and high-quality analyses of customer communication. It was a great privilege to see how our partners at Seznam use our technology in practice.

SentiSquare’s No-Code NLP platform for Seznam automates emails in the Client Care Department and analyzes voice communications in the Telesales Department.

This means they are able to communicate with clients faster and more efficiently with our technology as well as to improve their teams’ operations and business results. It’s always rewarding to see how our algorithms transform into real results and benefit not only Seznam but many other companies as well. We thank the entire team at Seznam for their effort and dedication to their projects, which together allow us to push the boundaries in customer communications and put innovation into practice.

You can watch the video from the Seznam conference below: No-Code NLP for handling customer communication

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