FTMO Enhances Customer Support with SentiSquare

We are excited to announce our collaboration with FTMO. SentiSquare AI-Powered Automatic Replies enhanced FTMO’s customer support.

FTMO is an international fund based on retail traders, offering a diversified portfolio to investors and helping traders beat their path to financial independence. FTMO has won Deloitte’s Technology Fast50 CE several times in a row and holds the EY Technology Entrepreneur of the Year title in the Czech Republic.  

At FTMO, they understand the importance of providing timely and efficient support to their valued users. With over 9,000 tickets flooding in each month, addressing inquiries quickly while maintaining the highest quality service has been their top priority.


Responding to the influx of emails and contact form messages, while ensuring a high level of know-how and control in their internal systems was no small feat. Before, they used manual answering, which was quite resource-demanding. They also used rule-based automation without NLP. They faced the need to prepare automatic responses to frequently recurring questions, a task that demanded innovative solutions.


SentiSquare AI deployment

FTMO Results with SentiSquare:
  • 21 templates have been deployed, specifically designed to detect and respond to recurring requests. The automatic response is prepared based on a textual analysis of the ticket.
  • FTMO can now prepare responses to a staggering 23% of incoming emails, and some of them are fully automated! This means significant resource savings.
  • This level of automation has freed up dedicated agents from routine work, allowing them to focus on more complex queries and ultimately improving the overall customer experience.
  • Additionally, FTMO managers now have greater insight into communication with users, enabling managers to make data-driven decisions to enhance their services further. This transformation has not only streamlined FTMO’s support processes but also ensured that their users receive quicker, more accurate, and personalized responses.
Customer care has an important role in FTMO. Often these are recurring queries, where SentiSquare text analytics helps to speed up responses to our clients and save routine work for agents. This allows them to focus on more complex queries."
–Pavel Dušek, COO, FTMO

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