“Discover the beauty of AI when analyzing your customer feedback.”

SentiSquare organized the seminar “Discover the beauty of AI in analyzing your customer communication”. We completely maxed out the venue’s capacity, and the participants showed great interest in the topic of feedback analysis, something that made us very happy.

Our experienced Customer Solution Manager Josef Steinberger led the seminar, and Martin Boček, Group Head of Market Insights at Rohlík group, gave us some insights about the Customer Experience from the company.

During the first part of the seminar, we explained how SentiSquare AI works, both technically and projectwise. In our projects, we first use the so-called “Discovery Mode”, where we let the AI find out the content of the texts. Here, it clusters the texts into topics, determines the frequency, trends, and keywords, and suggests categories. It also assesses the sentiment and links it to the final categories. After the initial analysis is done, we use the so-called “Observing Mode”, where the AI observes all incoming communication and sorts it according to the previously defined categories, before determining the sentiment.

In the second part, we learned how Rohlik is working with Customer feedback. Martin Boček explained to us how they analyze the input they receive from customers. We learned about the current analysis they perform, their strategy, and plans to improve customer satisfaction in the future.

SentiSquare analyzes tens of thousands of pieces of open-text feedback per month for Rohlik. SentiSquare AI automatically recognizes the topics customers are talking about in their feedback. SentiSquare AI allows managers to look at customer feedback in real time, either in Tableau or directly in SentiSquare Analytics. Classification now works in two languages: Czech and Hungarian, with more languages soon to come.

Martin Boček, Group Head of Market Insights and Customer Experience at Rohlík group said the following:

”The SentiSquare system is very useful for us. We get feedback from the vast majority of customers. They send us an enormous amount of feedback after the purchase, also via our call center, emails, and chat communication. We are interested in all the channels through which the customer collects the experience with us.”

We thank all participants for their interest and are already looking forward to the next conference, which we’re planning to hold at the beginning of next year.

“We have SentiSquare to quickly identify the problem so we can intervene.”

Martin Boček, Group Head of Market Insights and Customer Experience at Rohlik group

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