AI/ML Pilsen Meetup hosted by SentiSquare

In the first half of April 2023, the IT community and AI fans met in Pilsen for the ninth time. We took over this meetup and treated visitors to lectures by SentiSquare on the topic of “Peeking under the Hood of No-Code NLP”. Together with the developer community (and many others), we had the opportunity to look behind the curtain of the No-Code NLP.

A peek under the hood at SentiSquare

The first (and more theoretical) talk on the “Fast Training of Transformers for Text Classification” was given by Pavel Přibáň from SentiSquare. In a somewhat unconventional way, we talked about model optimization in terms of computational speed and stability across different classification tasks.

We followed this talk with a practical demonstration of the capabilities of the No-Code NLP platform together with Pavel Novotný. Thus, participants could see a live demonstration of the No-Code NLP with many surprising insights into the data.

Thank you for the positive feedback

We would like to thank the co-organizing companies Emplifi and for their support and participation, as well as all the other participants, and thank you for the positive feedback on the event, your many questions, and the great atmosphere.

The event’s success could be clearly seen in the beer cans disappearing before we even got to the topic of machine learning. :-)

Speakers Pavel Novotný and Pavel Přibáň

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