SentiSquare | Text understanding

We read_

We read 100% of your emails, text messages, call transcripts, and feedback.

We understand_

We understand the meaning of any text. In any language.

We tidy it up_

We classify text so that no customer voice is lost. We can identify and create new categories of customer communication.

We find insight_

We find hidden patterns to help clients better understand their customers.

We automate_

We automate repetitive and annoying tasks to save time, speed up resolution, and free up manpower.

100 %

~ 80 %

14 days

100 %

~ 80 %

14 days

of your incoming communication will be analysed & sorted.

our robots are approaching human precision rate. The longer they are wired into your systems, the better they get.

get your inbound communication under control. Quick.

Current challenges in companies‍_

  • Contact centres of customer-facing companies are overwhelmed by messages of customers.

  • The volume of incoming communication keeps increasing.

  • Customers are demanding high quality and fast resolution.

SentiSquare AI saves time and people. We wire it right into your current systems via API.

Understanding what customers say and automating repetitive tasks is necessary if you want your customer care to keep up.

How does the magic of SentiSquare's text understanding work?‍_

To deliver superior precision & deeper insight, SentiSquare's team of top-notch AI scientists use the most advanced NLP methods.

Natural Language Processing (NLP): a field within AI that simulates human ability to read and understand text - and SentiSquare’s field of expertise.

Our secret secret sauce for superior NLP: Distributional Semantics + Semi-supervised Learning

  • This is why our AI is precise & language independent.

  • It is about turning words into numbers — specifically, vectors in a semantic space.

  • Now that we have quantified meanings of words our AI understands any text!

Our mission is to save humans from robotic work so they can save time, connect, and create real value.

What problems are we solving through text understanding?‍_

Too many emails? Not knowing what they are about and which should be prioritised?

Sentisquare processes 100 % of incoming communication and dispatches it to specialist-operated inboxes. All automatically, no FTEs needed.

Too many text messages? Not knowing what is inside?

SentiSquare AI reads all of them and recognises the topic and sentiment of all incoming feedback. You can respond to the most important ones.

Too much feedback? Not knowing the trends in what customers are telling you?

SentiSquare offers 100% feedback coverage and finds hidden insight in it. Laser-focus your resources to make the greatest impact on customer satisfaction.

Too many languages? Communication in different languages siloed in different places; no overall view.

No worries, SentiSquare AI is language independent.

Too much traffic? Overloaded contact centre?

SentiSquare AI processes 1 query in 0.3 seconds. Relieve your agents for valuable work with the customer.

Too little insight? What causes the drop in customer satisfaction?

SentiSquare AI finds hidden patterns in your data. Gain granular insight and make better-informed decisions.

What operational benefits can you gain?‍_

1. Grow your capacity with the same number of agents

2. Speed up the resolution of customer queries

3. Gain detailed insight into 100 % of incoming communication

Selected references_

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