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Artificial intelligence gets rid of the haters_

Published on 20|5|2021 by Lucie Kolářová & Peter Kesch

Are you dealing with negative comments on the web? Hate speech on social media? Haters? We know how to get rid of them and improve your reputation.

Are you a social media manager, marketing manager or online communications director? Does responding to comments or even overall user satisfaction, accuracy of information in online communication or branding fall under your remit?

Then you definitely try to respond to comments on the web and social media quickly and resolve customer issues to the satisfaction of both parties. However, you've certainly had the experience of an unfairly negative or downright hateful comment and it took you a while to figure it out and then ensure you got the right response from responsible colleagues. What happens is that the negative comment "hangs" with you for hours or even days and significantly tarnishes your brand.

Are you wondering how AI can help you in such a case?

What we do at SentiSquare always involves analyzing texts - whatever they may be, including various comments from customers, discussions, emails, chats, SMS messages.

So even in this case, we can run our machine on your texts and immediately flag to your text administrators which messages are negative and destroying your brand. Your administrators will thank you for it, they will know exactly what to focus on. And if you want, we can hide those comments before you have a chance to sort them out. Sometimes the haters are so out of place that there's no need to even uncover the comment, respond to it, or waste time with them. Every social media administrator probably knows this.

This buys you valuable time before the sometimes misleading to untruthful comment is seen by hundreds of your fans and customers and ruins months of excellent well-managed marketing communications, when you can prepare a response, get additional accurate information from colleagues, and respond to the person's negative comment. This shows other users how important it is for you to respond to negative feedback, you take the trouble to respond, and you respond quickly.

In addition, the EU has also taken up the fight against hate speech in online communications. The exact definition of hate speech is not yet clear, butt some examples are already clear: threatening life, health and family or threatening someone, but not all can easily be labelled as hate speech and each one needs to be judged on its own merits. And there are plans for stricter rules in the future. In any case, online channel providers and owners are already responsible for communication. Therefore, it is already necessary to exclude hate speech from their online presence.

How do we deal with hate speech so far?

At the moment, in departments that manage websites or social networks, it seems that each administrator manually goes through the comments and selects and sorts which ones are hateful. They then manually block, hide or delete them. Same with negative comments, which they have to identify in the flood of all the other comments and quickly respond to. So as not to ruin the reputation of the company he is representing. Sometimes it is challenging to identify the problematic ones when you have an active user base, and sometimes it is also impossible to read all the comments that appear on the networks. Manually also having to reply and monitor other posts in the thread. Obviously, this approach is unsustainable for some companies and beyond human capabilities.

Let artificial intelligence help you - it's fast and responds instantly

Artificial intelligence doesn't want to replace your agents, but it does want to lend a hand in what it is best at - and that's speed. It reads a normal post in 0.3 seconds and instantly assesses whether it's positive, neutral or negative. It works 24 hours a day, doesn't take breaks, weekends, holidays, or get tired. This gives your customer service team an invaluable assistant that is constantly watching over your comments and online presence. If it doesn't like a comment and assesses it as negative or even hateful, it will immediately step in and, depending on your wishes, either mark it as urgent and flash a red light to your agents to quickly resolve the issue or outright hide and flag it until your agents have time to deal with it.

In some cases, the AI can even respond and offer the option of direct contact to resolve the situation. Thus, AI can become your best assistant in managing your user database and your comments. Don't be afraid to let it into your contact center!


SentiSquare is a technology company that deals with customer-generated text analysis. As one of the few companies uses artificial intelligence based on principles of distribution semantics, which provides many competitive advantages, such as language independence. The company was founded in 2014 as a spin-off by team of researchers at the Faculty of Applied Sciences of the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen. SentiSquare currently supplies technology to the contact centers of large companies such as T‍-‍Mobile, E.ON or Albert.

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