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SentiSquare AI helps companies fight unexpected growth of inbound communication during the pandemic_

Published on 1|4|2020 by David Radosta

In many companies, communication increased rapidly day by day. Large email backlog in your inbox? Overloaded chat? Are your social media walls full of questions? Dealing with too many incoming requests? The new situation is an ideal task for robots. Customers need fast response now! SentiSquare AI sets out to support companies and institutions experiencing these problems. Sentisquare offers free analysis of incoming communication within 1 week to any company that is overwhelmed by queries. Further support includes automated FAQs or training robots to prioritise and forward emails to the right people.

Covid-19 is changing the world of business. Some are experiencing a drop down of revenue and are worried about making it through at all. Others are have the opposite kind of challenges - they are experiencing an unexpected demand peak as if it was Christmas - with the surge in inbound communication that goes with it. And for some, it is a weird combination of both.

E-shops, offices, contact centres, services. Operators are not managing to handle calls, employees are not managing to respond to e-mails. The situation is tense. The company's reputation and customer satisfaction are at the stake. People need an answer now, especially in times of crisis.. How to deal with it? Sentisquare AI has a solution.

How it will work?

  1. 1. DETECT TOPICS: Following an initial consultation SentiSquare AI will analyse topics in channels such as e-mail, SMS, chat, Facebook, Twitter, ... Within 1 week it will find out what is bothering customers. In addition, it will reveal new topics that they have not yet known about. The company gets the full analysis and consultation available for free.

  2. 2. ANALYSE OUTPUTS: The next steps depend on individual agreement. Based on the output analysis, SentiSquare will have identified topics for which the company can create FAQ templates.

  3. 3. SOLUTION DEPLOYMENT: SentiSquare trains data and maps incoming queries to a prepared FAQ. From that moment on, the company uses artificial intelligence to answer customers. The robot can respond automatically according to the prepared FAQ. Or read the messages, understand them and dispatch them on to the responsible staff.

What will companies get?

  1. the company better manages communication with customers

  2. immediate answers to customers

  3. no queues are created, customers don't wait

  4. customer support does not have to deal with recurring questions

  5. they have time for other valuable work

The SentiSquare business team is currently contacting potential businesses that have been increasing communications and the first are joining.

If you would like to respond automatically to incoming inquiries or know about another business that has recently encountered a similar situation, please let us know at 603 402 755 or email We will contact you as soon as possible!


SentiSquare is a technology company that deals with customer-generated text analysis. As one of the few companies uses artificial intelligence based on principles of distribution semantics, which provides many competitive advantages, such as language independence. The company was founded in 2014 as a spin-off by team of researchers at the Faculty of Applied Sciences of the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen. SentiSquare currently supplies technology to the contact centers of large companies such as T‍-‍Mobile, E.ON or Albert.

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