No-Code NLP Conference by SentiSquare

In December 2022, we held another conference at Parallel Polis about the possibility of strengthening customer care and BI teams using No-Code text analysis and automation from SentiSquare.

What happened at the No-Code conference?

At the No-Code conference, you could watch a live demo of SentiSquare’s No-Code NLP platform and discover the new ways that companies can process unstructured data, including thousands of emails, tickets, and feedback as well as everything that can be learned from it. In short, No-Code AI provides customer care and BI teams with the tool to gain loads of insights, valuable data, and predictions for their companies from texts.

SentiSquare is now No-Code

Text processing using the SentiSquare No-Code NLP platform allows customers to efficiently analyze and process data without an NLP engineer, developer, or IT expert. Now you can handle the data processing in-house! The No-Code NLP platform is an all-in-one solution for analytics and processing unstructured text data, custom NLP model creation, custom data visualization, Rest API, and so much more. Our No-Code NLP platform allows you to analyze any text, such as emails, feedback, call transcripts, social media, etc. And the fact that the algorithms adapt to your data, guaranteeing a higher success rate is yet another big plus.

At the event, you could hear (everything) about No-Code, be part of the networking, see a live demonstration of the No-Code NLP platform, and even end the afternoon with a nice drink.

Most of all, we want to thank everyone who came to the venue because we know how valuable your time is. We also appreciated our fruitful discussion, where it became evident just how scorching hot the topic of unstructured data processing has become. Thanks also to our partners IXPERTA for their help in organizing the event. And a round of applause to all the speakers.

Do you want to start analyzing your text data with our No-Code tool?

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