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SentiSquare participated in the GAN Momentum Tour conference in Hamburg_

Published on 18|10|2019 by Aleksandra Adamczyk

GAN Momentum Tour is a series of events dedicated to start-ups from around the world prepared by a well-known community working dynamically for them - the Global Accelerator Network. From October 9-10, startups could participate in the meeting in Hamburg. It was one of five international stops of the GAN Momentum Tour.

It is said that start-ups have non-standard needs in terms of their development. This is mainly due to the fact that start-ups think about their development completely differently than other enterprises, but also run their own organization differently. Because of these differences, start-ups are changing the future of business, creating more innovative products and services, driving the economy.

Unfortunately, start-ups are not able to achieve it themselves, they need the support of "bigger players", i.e. corporations, investors, mentors and accelerators. They allow their innovations to develop, ensuring cooperation, capital and substantive assistance.

Mainly that is why the GAN Momentum Tour conference series was created, because it aims to support an unusual start-up path in the business world.

Innovative start-ups have arrived in Hamburg

On October 9 and 10, start-ups met in Hamburg, Germany, at the next stop of the international tour. Earlier, the GAN association visited Pittsburgh, Lima, and is planning a conference in Manama and Hong Kong.

Two days were filled to the brim with thematic panels, case-studies of speakers in the business world, and international networking. Start-ups had a chance to meet, among others, Tarek Müller from ABOUT YOU, Philipp Westermeyer from Online Marketing Rockstars and Cécile Wickmann from REBELLE and Hanna Marie Asmussen from Localyze.

The next item on the program was the pitching session of start-ups, which gave the opportunity to introduce themselves to investors from GAN Ventures. Six selected European companies took part in the session, and the prize was establishing cooperation with the fund.

I admit that the competition on the pitching panel was fierce - says Stanislav Rejthar, CEO of SentiSquare. - We are glad that we could participate in this event and congratulate the winner, the Tuki company.

The conference also included workshops during which participants could explore their knowledge. Particularly noteworthy were the topics:

  1. Founders - a story is a half of valuation

  2. Venture capital - what metrics are interesting/important

  3. Accelerators - engagement of government can be useful, but also burdening

The event also showed how the German and European start-up ecosystem works and what are its prospects for the coming years.


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